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My name is Daniel Rhodin and I was born and raised in Täby north of Stockholm Sweden.

I have many differnt sides to me and I have an aptitude to learn new things.

I am both the analytic and the salesman, the familyman and the lone wolf.

I am an extrovert introvert multitasker who likes to have many projects at once but also go inte great detail when there is time.

I want structure and order but I also like it when things are not planned.

Does this sound odd?

I understand if you think so, because there is not many people like me.

I am as comfortable in meetings with CEO:s as I am out on a construction site or getting to know the receptionists.

If you want someone who tells you like it is, who presents facts and can show that it is correct and someone that is not affraid to stand up for what needs to be done to achieve success? Then your seach is over, I am the one you need!






Kuusakoski Recycling Account manager

May 2019 - July 2020

During my year at Kussakoski Recycling, I worked with the purchase of scrap for recycling and as account manager for several customers. Much of the work was based on a CRM system. I was responsible for finding new customers in Stockholm. I worked with quotes, meetings with both workers and boards of large companies.

Ahlsell Product manager

March 2014 - October 2018

I worked as a product manager responsible for ventilation and insulation products. The job included meeting suppliers (both new and old), deciding on the range, keeping track of and updating prices, have a close collaboration with the central warehouse (especially important when setting up new items) and be responsible for two different product councils. I was a member of the management team and had regular meetings with the Sweden management as well as many meetings with product managers from other countries. The responsibility for producing new articles was also mine, which took place in close collaboration with selected suppliers both in and outside Sweden. A large part of my time was spent working with e-commerce, developing data and data that could drive e-commerce forward.

Klimatbyrån Technical salesman

April 2010 - March 2014

A very versatile service. Make quotes, receive orders, meet customers and help them out on construction sites, develop unique products, assist with system adjustments, develop price structure proposals for the company.

Ahlsell Backoffice salesman

December 2005 - April 2010

As an backoffice salesman, I mainly worked with received orders, made quotes and searched for goods. I was also responsible for the ventilation products in all the stores in Stockholm. Which meant that I worked closely with store managers and helped with layout and also planned the range for the new stores that opened.

Ahlsell Shop assistant

August 2004 - December 2005

My journey within Ahlsell began as a shop assistant, where I took care of the cash register, carried out inventories, received and handed out goods, took care of picking and fronting on shelves and I also helped the acting store manager with decisions and the day-to-day work.

AB Soluta Spel Store manager

January 2001 - December 2001

This was my first real job. I first worked as a store salesman but after 5 months became responsible for the store (corresponds to store manager but without personnel responsibility). I was responsible for the daily cash register, took care of orders, refilling shelves, inventory and sales.


Medieinstitutet Digital Analytics


Learning about advertising laws, use tools to make analyzes of website traffic, to code using Javascript, Css and HTML. Learning create beautiful and easy-to-understand presentations. To see everything with an analytical eye and come up with suggestions for improvements to increase profitability.

IUC Installation technology


I read installation technology where I learned to draw in CAD, analyze needs, design and compile a finished construction document. I practiced at several different companies during my studies, where I got to do market research, do construction documents and be involved in construction both with fitters and with construction managers.

Nackademin Computer technology


Learned programming in C ++, studied business economics as well as practicing at a company where I got to work with building computers, installing software and helping customers with service and support.

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